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About The Anderton Corporation – Our Values and Principles

The Anderton Corporation and associate companies are based on the following covenants, and we also adhere to the below principles of leadership. The ideals we keep for ourselves will tell you a lot about us and the way we do business. In reading them, you will come to understand that whether you are a property management client or a tenant, a real estate agent or a vendor, we are a company you can trust.

The 12 Covenants

  • We accomplish what we do as a team. We share our success, and we never let any one of us fail alone.
  • We are mature adults. We act as such, and expect the same from those with whom we associate.
  • We do not keep secrets. Information that affects our relationships will be shared by all of us. We will quickly and openly work to separate fact from fiction. We do not exaggerate or embellish the truth. We know that a sincere fact finding format is key to doing good business.
  • We do not lie to ourselves or to others. No one will tolerate any of us doing so. We will depend on one another for the truth.
  • We keep our word. We say what we mean, and do what we say. We trust the word of others to be as good as ours.
  • We will keep our head. We will not panic in the face of tough times. We are always ready to roll up our sleeves rather than wring our hands.
  • We develop our management skills and take pride in our abilities. We set our standards higher than any competitor and we please ourselves by pleasing our customers and vendors. Action, not words, is a cornerstone of our philosophy.
  • We treat our office like home and our customers like friends. We spend too much time together to allow relationships to go bad.
  • We are unselfish and expect everyone else to exhibit this same quality. We will care about each other without expectations.
  • We challenge, confront, and manage problems... not each other.
  • We look out for each other. We know and understand that we are our brother's keeper.
  • We are all supported by the company. As such, we will strive to respect and be loyal to the company's success and welfare.
  • On behalf of the company, we strive to listen with intent and ask the right questions at the right time. We draw conclusions only when we have all the facts.
  • Losing cannot and will not be tolerated in anything we do. Losing to us is to be shamed, embarrassed, and humiliated. There is no excuse for us to lose a deal or a relationship. If we fail, it is due to our mismanagement.

Principles of Leadership

  • The most important muscle is your brain.
  • The worst is never the worst.
  • Promote the positive; suppress the negative.
  • Game fun only happens when you win.
  • Failure is the byproduct of soft determination and soft persistence. Success is the byproduct of firm determination and firm persistence.
  • Understate and overproduce. Questions x 10; answers x 1.
  • Be the same guy every day.
  • The best of deal making is when everybody wins.
  • Trust is the byproduct of of success over adversity.
  • Nobody is coming to rescue you.
  • Humor is golden. You are your best joke. Have fun with it.
  • Show low; perform high. Service each promise, as an unpaid debt.
  • Chemistry and good feelings don't just happen.
  • Always be THE man, never THAT man.
  • We further define ourselves each day.
  • Your critics will never die. Listen carefully. Some comments are of value. Keep your head down; move forward, and smile.
  • Any argument with critics is a waste.
  • Conduct problem resolution through the front door, never the back door.
  • God is The Supreme Leader, lest we never forget.

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